An investment club for women

We’re here to help women become confident in managing their money.

We know what it’s like to be paralyzed when reading financial websites using terms like P/E ratio and free cash flow with no explanation. We know what it’s like to jump into conversations with friends who invest only to slink away quietly when we realize they’re talking way over our heads. It didn’t help us feel more confident about managing our money.

What eventually helped was accessing the right resources, learning the lingo, and hooking up with other women in similar positions that we could talk to judgment-free.

This is the vision of Lady Investors: Creating welcoming, judgment-free spaces where women can meet and discuss money management and investing.

The first part of that vision is this website – a starting point for women looking for more information about becoming financially fit. We hope you’ll find the resources here helpful. The second part is our meetup groups, which offer an opportunity to test out your new investment knowledge and discuss ideas and approaches with likeminded women of different investing experience levels.

Finally, our retreats take our meetup groups and combine it with personalized exercises, resources and professional speakers in a one-day intensive financial fitness – an experience designed to help you get to the next step of your financial journey.

We believe that no matter where you are on your investing journey, LadyInvestors can offer you value. Beginner investors will learn the lingo and basics from women with more experience and gain the confidence to take the plunge in managing their own money or being able to provide confident oversight to their financial manager. Women who already invest will connect with new friends who can talk about investment approaches and stock picks.

We’re so happy you found yourself here. Spend some time checking out our resources, and look at our options for meetup groups. We’re confident that through LadyInvestors you’ll realize that investing doesn’t have to be intimidating – it can be simple, and even fun.